December 4 horoscope for pisces

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As the sign of transformation, death, and rebirth, Scorpio's positive traits are that it's psychic, creative, emotional, and deep, but it has a negative side, too: Jealous and obsessive, Scorpios are famous bridge burners. Venus in Scorpio is a passionate and intense energy, and you should have some fun with it, Pisces.

What December's Pisces Horoscope Means for You

Venus will be activating the part of your chart that rules adventure and exploration, travel and higher learning. Publishing or getting yourself "out there" is also a huge theme for this astrological transit. While romance is obviously a huge theme with Venus and yes, you will be getting lots of love this month , the mental boost Venus in perceptive Scorpio will provide you with will be phenomenal. Venus enters Scorpio on December 4. And, obviously, romance! Mercury also changes signs, entering Earth sign Capricorn on December 9, which will increase communication between you and your social network.

Pisces Daily Horoscope and Pisces Daily Tarot Reading December 4th 2018

Expect to make plenty of connections over the next few weeks! This will be a really fun transit, Pisces— while you love to party, sometimes you can be a shy or quiet sign. You'll be feeling more confident and talkative with chatty Mercury in no-bullshit Capricorn. This is a great time to make new friends and connect with new groups of people. Warrior Mars opposes rebel Uranus on December This will be a stressful day; people will act hastily and everyone will be in the mood to fight.

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Issues around money will also pop up for you, Pisces. You may feel pushed to spend money, or impulsive behavior could make you feel super tense about your financial or material security. If you have friends or partners who aren't sharing with you, you will feel like it's really, totally unfair, and today you could reach your breaking point. While you're one of the most generous signs in the zodiac, today will be the wrong day to fuck with you and your wallet.

Today could also be emotionally draining, especially if you're in a relationship where you feel unappreciated or used. The face-off between Mars and Uranus will push you to a place where you have to confront the issue. December isn't all stress! The next day is lovely: Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune, a dreamy, whimsical planet that's currently in your sign, on December This will be such a freeing vibe—the negativity from the previous day will be healed and washed away. This is a great day to reconnect with yourself and your goals. You'll be able to express yourself effectively, and you'll feel like nothing is holding you back.

Pisces Horoscope tomorrow October 10

The New Moon in Sagittarius also occurs on December This is fantastic for creating a fresh start in your career or around your reputation! The 11th is lovely. Your focus returns to your partnerships when the Sun in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Virgo on December Jupiter is an abundant and lucky energy, but sometimes it can take things to an extreme. If you've been going "overboard" in your relationships romantic and non romantic recently, a chance to reign things in will come today when the planet of clarity and confidence, the Sun, comes and squares Jupiter, keeping the expansive energy in check.

Horoscope today: December 4, 2018

Jupiter is your traditional ruling planet, so its celestial movements really resonate with you— this will be a special day to keep in mind when it comes to partnering. Your modern ruling planet, Neptune, also gets some action this month— a sextile from Mercury occurs on December 14 as well, which tells us that your friends will have your back in a major way as you go through all the adjustments in your relationships this month.

So much of the second half of the month is focused on your friendships, acquaintances, and social connections. It is smart that these individuals travel to distant countries, meet different customs, and open new horizons in ways that allow them to breath and expand in a supportive pace.

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The purpose in lives of people born on December 14th is found in the essence of Mars, meaning they are to find a physical way to make solid steps and ground their ideas with an open heart. They need their mind cleansed of excess information, their emotional world ready to attract circumstances that make them free to create, and their body strong enough to handle high frequencies of thoughts that truly inspire them. In need of powerful grounding, strength and solid boundaries towards those who bruise them in any way, they are to clearly distinguish their personal world of goals from those of other people.

Planetary Row

When Sagittarius representatives born on December 14th fall in love, they easily fall into the loop of ancestral emotional issues that have yet to be resolved. Whatever the case, something seems to stand in the way of intimacy and love stories they wish to live through, and while strong structures might give an excellent potential for happy married life and deep commitment, they need to overcome obstacles left for them to resolve. These issues will be seen in relationships between parents or grandparents that seem to push something to repeat in their own life as well.

Some of them might feel cursed at times, especially if the same sad love story repeats one too many times as if they cannot learn the lesson served on their platter. It is important that they turn inwards, meditate, relax their body, and instead of seeking outer solutions look into their heart, seeing what is the exact message that the person in front of them is trying to teach.

Once they understand their heart's truth, obstacles will be overcome and they will reach the potential to connect with a special individual on a deeply emotional level. A person born on the 14th of December is an excellent architect, planner and historian, willing to travel a long road only to dig up the truth about distant times that posed as the foundation for the life we live today.

Novaculite is a good choice of stone for those born on December 14th, helping them cut ties to the past and issues that became obsolete and no longer serve personal growth. It helps problem solving and refines their life force energy. A birthday gift for those born on November 14th should come on time, with respect for the tradition and things they expect every year. They are modest and love presents in general, finding joy in simple and practical gifts, for as long as they have a childlike imprint and something to spark their curiosity. Boost problem solving, buy a video console, bring a gadget they are to assemble from scratch, or choose a detailed piece of equipment for their creative side, such as a new lens for their camera that they just realized they wish for.

Organized, reliable and respectful of people they care for, they are stable and active, always there for those who need a hand. Ambitious and seeking special professional opportunities, they can create healthy boundaries and understand balance between their career and personal life. Stiff in their beliefs, they get stuck and repeat the same mistakes many times, seeing confirmation to negative beliefs in their circumstances rather than learning to move on.

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