Astrology of 7 november

If dating it increases the odds of meeting your perfect partner. A growth spurt is possible now in the physical, material and spiritual worlds.

Sun enters Scorpio

Patience, moderation and research will help you choose the best of the opportunities coming your way. Jupiter trine North Node is another good omen for relationships. It makes it more likely that any new person entering your life will be just right for you.

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Fated events and destiny encounters will guide you in the right direction. Activation of the challenging fixed star Zubeneschamali may bring loss or disappointment. If so, helpful new moon aspects to Neptune and Pluto bring understanding and empathy from others. They give faith and optimism to recover and set new goals. In this case, the new moon aspects make it easier to forgive and to be forgiven. New moon November is good for setting goals to make your dreams come true.

But first you may have to make amends for previous wrongs and say sorry. This is also a good new moon for resolving relationships problems through compassion and forgiveness. You can then follow your dreams free of guilt or regret. See Sun opposite Venus transit. Dear Jamie, great posts as always!

November 7 Birthday Horoscope

I enjoy reading them. Might this affect me in any way? Recently I got fired from work upon returning from my maternity leave…I am in search of a new job…does this new moon have any impact at all? Thank you, and keep up the good work, Astrologyking! Hi Majankas. Venus with Zubenelgenubi is supposed to be bad for marriage but that might depend on other aspects to your Venus. Also, transiting Neptune is trine your Venus which is a good indicator of romance. Thank you very much, Jamie! Hello Jamie, I hope that you are keeping well.

November 7 Birthday Horoscope

I guess Uranus square the Nodes could mean being forced to change in order to get back on the right karmic path. Or perhaps having to adjust to unexpected or unwanted changes if you have strayed from your souls mission. After the fixed star on October 30th you can only wish for better. Numerology number 3 is important and works well with It is a great time to make a wish and fixate your energy on accomplishing your wishes and aspirations. Falls within a minute of arc to my Neptune. Hi James. I have not heard of that before.

See Sun conjunct Neptune transit because that also applies to a New Moon. I personally have had from a young age hope of science advancements delivering solutions for aging and resultant death, and interest in mythological stories about the subject, so I lean towards conjecture that perhaps this is connected to the placement of Neptune conjunct this point in my natal chart.

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  • I hope this is not too late. November 17 my son died at 33 from a seizure. I have heard of many deaths, personal and public, for the last half of Was there some cosmic door or alignment that occurred? Oh I am so sorry Lee. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Few people have as much love to give as those born on this date. They take their friendships seriously and will keep their word without fail. Being a mentor as well as a pal is second nature to them. They usually experience the greatest joy through their primary love relationship. They are loyal and do not take any commitment lightly.

    Whatever their upbringing, people born on this date are able to use the experience in a positive way. They want to be good parents but realize that rearing children is complex. They know that not all children respond to their philosophy and do not blame themselves if their youngsters choose not to follow their way of life.

    10 Unknown Facts about People Born in November - Do You Know?

    November 7 people believe that a healthy body, mind, and spirit are interrelated. They have lots of natural energy highlighted by a positive attitude. Prayer and meditation are important in their lives.

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    November 7 individuals do their best work in jobs that give them the opportunity to help others. November 7 men and women do not set themselves up as "experts. Although financial gain is seldom a major factor when they choose a career, they are adept at handling money. November 7 natives are dedicated to doing good.