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There was once a time when everyone took on the same occupation as his or her parents. You just might not be following in the footsteps of your mother or father.

Getting Job Astrology

It has been found that some sun signs are overrepresented in certain career paths due to the traits that lend themselves to special abilities. Take a glance at your natal chart with a good astrologer to see what planets are in your tenth and eleventh houses.

These areas will not only show you what occupations match well with your ambitions, but also what career paths are likely to place you in association with the type of people who will be successful team members in your life. There is a lot of leeway here. Passing ideas on to others can be done in many forms and you can still pursue your dream of being an actor or an actress if you find a way to educate others while you do it.

Using your horoscope to plan your career path is all about taking the easy way to your goals.

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For example, if you are planning on becoming a scientist, pay close attention to what Uranus is doing in the sky at any point in time. If you work in telecommunications, keep your finger on the pulse of Mercury to catch your chances at success and avoid major pitfalls. You may already know that certain sun signs can be very compatible with each other or can be antagonists in relationships.

Career Tips for Taurus Virgo Capricorn Earth Zodiac Signs - Horoscope Ever

The same holds true for work relationships, as for romance, when it comes to sun sign compatibility. You will also find out which people should be avoided and which people will soon become close allies.

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Astrology can be used in the business world to make decisions that favor keeping your job, flourishing in your position, getting raises and looking wonderful to your colleagues and superiors. If you are involved in hiring and firing decisions, you can even use horoscopes to help evaluate the energies of potential employees according to compatibility and their natal charts. You will be in a lot company; following an ancient practice in China, many modern companies the world over use astrology and horoscopes for staffing purposes, as well as to make decisions that otherwise might be left up to pure chance.

Psychic Readings. This tends to work in your favor since this allows people to focus on the fact that you are a practical, responsible person with the ability to be a phenomenal manager. As long as you work to not let your pessimistic sensibilities get the best of you, you could thrive in a position of power. While you could be a manager of any kind, you should also consider being a politician or business owner.

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By Anna Gragert. Close Share options. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Heather Silverman consulted an astrologer to make a tough career decision. Christian Johnston.

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But instead of consulting a career coach, Silverman, 34, turned to someone else: an astrologer. Astrologist Alexia Neonakis right with Silverman Zandy Mangold It turned out that long-term editing gig helped provide her with the necessary techniques to tell a better story, which, two years later, led her to enter into a partnership with documentary film company Quixotic Endeavors in Manhattan.

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